A Touch Away

The clever and connected frame. Discreet & elegant, it fits perfectly in your inside.

cadre mirroir mira
  • Link your house with relatives
  • Multiple accounts
  • Interactive mirror
  • Customizable frame
  • Connection by scanning face
  • Intuitive and ultra tactile interface
  • Notifications by account
  • Synchronous and asynchronous communication
  • Share encouraging messages, photos and videos
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Discreet & Elegant

mirā fits perfectly in your inside

— Smile!
Your new portal knows you and instantly connects you to your personal account and loads your notifications. With easy gesture share your encouraging words, photos or videos with your relatives. In no time mirā transforms itself in a clever mirror letting you maintain your remote relationship.

With mirā by your side, be with your friends or family by having the impression that you are just next to them.